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Paginas Personales
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I have given considerable thought as to what I should put on my personal WebPages. Indeed, having personal WebPages at all could be considered utterly self-indulgent. What you can read here is autobiographical and relates to my life before I retired in March 1997.

My readers will more or less divide into three categories. There will be those who don't know me at all and have never met me and possibly never will. There will be others who have known me a relatively short time, say from a few months to a few years. These can be sub-divided into either those I have known in the past (some of whom I will have kept in contact with and others not), or those who know me now but know relatively little of my life prior to coming to live in Lima. Then there will be my long-standing friends (they know who they are) who I have known very many years and whose friendships I value beyond measure.

        The places around the world where I have -
  • lived and worked, including Hong Kong; Kenya; British Virgin Islands; Bermuda; Italy; Brazil; Spain; Germany; Saudi Arabia; United Arab Emirates; Bahrain; Iraq.
  • journeyed through including Dakar; Durban; Singapore; Cairo; Aden.
  • visited on vacation including Berlin; Paris; Athens; Luxor; U.S.A.; Gran Canaria; Tunisia; Cyprus, Dominican Republic and more.

My Sporting life. Sports and activities that I have participated in with varying degress of success include football, cricket, rugby, swimming, water-polo, squash, scuba-diving, badminton, marathon-running, orienteering, mountaineering, rock-climbing, skiing, golf, darts, pool, snooker, rally-driving.

MyCareer in telecommunications. I will scan in my Curriculum Vitae (this type of C.V. is known as the tombstone type!) and cut out the personal information. As you will see I spread myself around a great deal. I started my career with Cable and Wireless at their college in Porthcurno, Cornwall, in south-west England and served with their F1 Staff around the world for a further eight years (and returned to that company and its associated companies several times). I owe them a debt of gratitude for the excellent training which I received at their college that enabled me to continue on to have both a very full career and a very full life.

At this point I realise that having started this WebPage project it is going to become like the Labours of Hercules because either there will always be a recalled memory to add or, being the person I am, I will never be fully satisfied with it. At least Hercules only had twelve labours; it looks like mine will go on forever.

More Links

The additional websites I have listed below reflect my beliefs and reveal something about myself.

  • Amnesty International because I believe every individual has basic civil and human rights and those rights have to be continually asserted and fought for. I am amazed at the unbelievable amounts of courage of some people.
  • Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association reveals me as both a gay man and a secular humanist and I am not ashamed to be either. This first admission may surprise a few of my friends with whom I either didn't feel comfortable discussing the subject or the issues never arose during what was a slow transitional process. If it surprises you, how do you think I feel? I suppose it just shows - you never know what life is going to throw at you!!

    Humanism is the belief that it is possible to have ethics and morals without religion.
    Secularism is the belief firstly that priests, clerics, rabbis, ayatollahs and the like have far too much influence on the lives of people who do not share their beliefs, and secondly, that religions increase divisions and intolerance between humans. For those of you who want to know more about either of these then please click here.

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